Cell Structure 1d

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Cell Structure 1d by Mind Map: Cell Structure 1d

1. Outer Part of the Cell

1.1. cell wall

1.1.1. It prevents plant cells from bursting and provides internal structure.

1.2. cytoskeleton

1.2.1. Responsible for providing a place for other organelles to attach to and move along, as well as provide the cell structure and shape

2. Inside of a Cell

2.1. rough endoplasmic reticulum

2.1.1. Where proteins are made and modified. Ribosomes are on top of this.

2.2. smooth endoplasmic reticulum

2.2.1. Synthesizes lipids and carbohydrates as well as makes and modifies other macromolecules.

2.3. vacuole

2.3.1. Stores the food and water.

2.4. Golgi apparatus

2.4.1. Sorts, Packages and delivers macromolecules that come from the ER.

2.5. Lysosome

2.5.1. Breaks down metabolic waste and old organelles.

2.6. mitochondria

2.6.1. Makes ATP.

2.7. Nucleus

2.7.1. Stores and copies DNA and RNA.

2.8. Ribosomes

2.8.1. The site where proteins are assembled