Best Printer for Most

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Best Printer for Most by Mind Map: Best Printer for Most

1. Best Printer for Most People: Click Here:

1.1. For 96% of people that printer will be your best choice.

1.1.1. WHY is it the best? Benefits You won't have to spend as much on ink You won't have to go to the store for ink as often Printing won't wake up the neighbors (note: some people will stop shopping now, place their order now, and save themselves several hours.) Printing won't make the lights dim Its fast It's Color It will print beautiful photos Your desk can remain clean and clutter free Everyone will be able to print to it so there will be no more cable swapping. And to top it all off it will These benefits Make this printer a 'no brainer' for most people.

1.2. Note: I only recommend HIGHLY regarded products so rest assured that picking any printer from this spreadsheet it will be top quality (4 to 5 stars ONLY).

2. Is anyone you know shopping for Printers?

2.1. Share this mindmap with your friends before they accidentally buy something crummy and waste their money. Make friends happy :)

3. Other Excellent Printers

3.1. Best for Photos (HANDS DOWN)

3.1.1. This printer will print BEAUTIFUL LARGE Poster Sized Borderless photos and has great reviews. Click Here:

3.1.2. or My Chosen #1 Printer prints great photos My Chosen #1 Printer:

3.2. Best for Business

3.2.1. Black & White (Blazing Fast and Inexpensive for high volume) Click Here:

3.2.2. or My Chosen #1 Printer for Small Businesses My Chosen #1 Printer:

3.2.3. Or for No Compromises, Substantial Business Printing Click Here:

3.3. Other Excellent Choices for Home Use

3.3.1. Cheaper (Fewer Features, Slower) Click Here:

3.3.2. or (Best) My Chosen #1 Printer for Most Families My Chosen #1 Printer: