Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka by Mind Map: Sri Lanka

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2. Cause of Conflict

2.1. ''Sinhala Only Policy''

2.1.1. Under the British, many Tamils worked in the civil service and were promoted, making the Sinhalese jealous. When Sri Lanka became independent, the Sinhalese put in a policy where Tamil civil servants had to learn Sinhala within 3 years or be dismissed. This angered the Tamils because they no longer had a bright future as they could lose their jobs or promotions. Protests took place and it took a very long time for Tamil to be recognised as a language of administration in Tamil areas, making the Tamils frustrated with the government’s insincerity.

2.2. Resettlement

2.3. University Admission Criteria

2.3.1. A reason for the conflict is the unfair policy of university admissions where there is discrimination against the Tamils who have to score higher marks than the Sinhalese to enter the same courses. Places are also reserved for Sinhakese students, which causes resentment amongst the Tamils who feel they are not being treated equally. Young Tamils are also frustrated that this form of discrimination robs them of a bright future and education. A reason for the conflict is the resettlement policy. The Sinhalese government resettled poor Sinhalese peasants in Tamil lands where they were given land to cultivate. This caused tension because the Tamils were angry and that the Sinhalese peasants were taking up their land. Later on, Buddhist monks and Sinhalese Army troops also came to stay in Tamil lands. Furthermore, there was also religious tension due to differences in religion. Tamils were also bullied and ill-treated by the Sinhalese Army troops. The resettlement programme was also an important cause of the conflict in Sri Lanka, as the Tamils believed that the Sinhalese dominated government deliberately moved Sinhalese peasants into Tamil areas. The Tamils felt that this was done to reduce their numbers in their land, and to erode the importance of their culture and language.

2.4. Citizenship Rights

2.4.1. Upon independence, the Sri Lankan government granted citizenship only to those born in Sri Lanka or whose fathers or grandfathers were born in Sri Lanka.As a result, Indian Tamils from India who had worked on the plantations and contributed to the economy were denied citizenship. They were angry that they were treated unfairly and given no rights. The Indian Tamils were also frustrated with the government’s insincerity in solving the problem as they took more than 20 years to grant the remaining Indian Tamils in Sri Lanka citizenship rights.

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4. Effect of conflict

4.1. Political

4.1.1. Armed Conflict: Most important / damaging consequence because its resulting effects are the economic and social consequences of the conflict in Sri Lanka. As long as the armed conflict does not stop, economic or social recovery will be unattainable. Foreign Intervention: Damaging consequence because foreign intervention could result in the country becoming invaded by a foreign power or the conflict could worsen as an additional party will be involved in the fighting.

4.2. Economic

4.2.1. Unemployment / Loss of Investment from other Countries / Fall in the Number of Tourists: Damaging consequence because it prevents the country from recovering economically and gaining revenue needed for development. As the economic suffering continues, Sinhalese and Tamils will continue to blame each other for the suffering and peace will be difficult to achieve.

4.3. Social

4.3.1. Sri Lankan Tamils Driven Out of their Homeland: Damaging consequence because it uproots whole families and causes large numbers of people to suffer. Some of these Tamils are also caught in the cross-fire of government troops and Tamil Tigers causing large numbers of dead and injured Tamils.