Social Science 101

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Social Science 101 by Mind Map: Social Science 101

1. Imperosnal communication directed at a vast audience.

2. Socialization

2.1. Lifelong social experience by which individuals learn their role in society and their culture

3. Heuristics can lead to generalizations and stereotypes.

4. Individualism

4.1. Personal golas and preferneces take priority over group allegiances.

5. Collectivism

5.1. Cooperation and group harmony take priority over purley personal goals.


7. Parts of Eucation

8. Curriculum: "course of study", and content

9. Assessment: evidence of understanding

10. Different Orientations

11. Media

12. 1)Ethnicity (kinship and culture)

12.1. 2)Race ("sociorace")

12.1.1. 3)SES (socio economic status)/class

13. Three variables

14. Safe (home), danger (public)

15. Dualistic

16. Expression of ideas

17. Economic (workforce)

18. Social (norms of Society)

19. Political (participate in our democracy)

20. Purpose of Public Education

21. Language