course curricula

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course curricula by Mind Map: course curricula

1. "American Culture

1.1. melting pot

1.1.1. opportunity non-traditional bias

1.2. Family Structure

1.2.1. nuclear

1.3. Religion

1.3.1. christian tradition

1.4. Aesthetics

1.4.1. Beauty women: blond, thin, young, blue eyes Men: athletic, powerfull, economic status Music/Art: European tradition

1.5. Status/Power

1.5.1. It is measured by the amount of economic possesions that one has

1.5.2. Credentials/Titles

1.6. Emphasize on The Scientific Method

1.6.1. Objective, Rational,Linear Thinking we focus too much on following a specific order

1.6.2. Quantative Emphasis we focus to much on quantity instead of quality

2. Education's Purpose

2.1. Economic

2.2. Political

2.3. Social

3. Parts of Education

3.1. Curriculum

3.1.1. content

3.2. Assesment

3.2.1. does not have to be a test

3.3. Pedagocy

3.3.1. learning theory