course curricula

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course curricula by Mind Map: course curricula

1. Education's Purpose

1.1. Economic

1.2. Political

1.3. Social

2. "American Culture

2.1. melting pot

2.1.1. opportunity non-traditional bias

2.2. Family Structure

2.2.1. nuclear

2.3. Religion

2.3.1. christian tradition

2.4. Aesthetics

2.4.1. Beauty women: blond, thin, young, blue eyes Men: athletic, powerfull, economic status Music/Art: European tradition

2.5. Status/Power

2.5.1. It is measured by the amount of economic possesions that one has

2.5.2. Credentials/Titles

2.6. Emphasize on The Scientific Method

2.6.1. Objective, Rational,Linear Thinking we focus too much on following a specific order

2.6.2. Quantative Emphasis we focus to much on quantity instead of quality

3. Parts of Education

3.1. Curriculum

3.1.1. content

3.2. Assesment

3.2.1. does not have to be a test

3.3. Pedagocy

3.3.1. learning theory