Educational Technology Learning Theories

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Educational Technology Learning Theories by Mind Map: Educational Technology Learning Theories

1. Philosophy of Teachnology

1.1. discusses how tecnology can be added to teaching

1.2. discuss different ways to increase learning in their students

2. Learning Theories

2.1. Constructionism

2.1.1. Basic Principles Teacher facilitates learning Learning is effective when learning real world/tangible objects Learner constructs knowledge

2.2. Cognitivism

2.2.1. Cognitive Load Threory Processing information can over or under load working memory

2.2.2. Basic Principles Working Memory Begin with complex problems and teach basic skills while solving these problems Learning is building connections by actively interacting with the environment

2.3. Connectivism

2.3.1. Basic Principle Learner must search for knowledge

3. Technology Theories

3.1. SCOT

3.1.1. Human action shapes technology

3.1.2. analyze why a piece of techology was successfuly or not

3.1.3. sucess of tecnologhy is based on socially

3.2. Media Ecology

3.2.1. technology shapes human action

3.2.2. technology affects how we see the world


4.1. Diagram

4.2. Three Types

4.2.1. Content knowledge Knowledge of subject matter

4.2.2. Pedagogy knowledge Knowledge of how to teach children so that they learn

4.2.3. Technology knowledge Using tecnology in the classroom to enhance learning