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Systems Thinking by Mind Map: Systems Thinking
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Systems Thinking

The more specialized our world becomes; the less systematic thinking exists; the more systems are needed to process everything!

Systems Thinking allows us to manage increasing complexity

Identifying Systems

1 Corinthians 12

Systems are 3D

Business Application of Systems

Proverbs 23:7

Leverage follows the principle of economy of means

Solving Problems with Systems

Your organization MUST be predictable

Isaiah 53:6


A system consists of the whole, the individuals, and the connections between individuals. Learn to recognize a system as any series of interconnected events or things that yield a certain result; then influence their leverage points to get your desired result.

Our society has more specialization and interdependency today than ever before!

The downside:


Parts of the system

Genesis 1 and 2

Art of the start

A climbing team with ropes highlights the importance of interdependent communities; the more closely people work together; the more magnificent achievements they can attain.