Classifications of Hormones by mechansim of action

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Classifications of Hormones by mechansim of action by Mind Map: Classifications of   Hormones by mechansim   of action

1. Bind to cell surface receptor "2nd messenger"

1.1. cAMP

1.1.1. Catacholamines (alpha-2 & B adrenergi)

1.1.2. Anterier pituitary hormones ACTH, FSH, LH &TSH except: GH & prolactin !!

1.1.3. ADH (renal V2- receptor)

1.1.4. Calcitonin & PTH

1.1.5. Glugogon

1.2. cGMP

1.2.1. Atrail natriuretic peptide (ANP)

1.2.2. Nitric Oxide (NO)

1.3. Calcium or phosphatidylinositol (or both)

1.3.1. Ach (Muscrinic)

1.3.2. Catacholamines (alpha-1 adrenergic)

1.3.3. Angitonesin II

1.3.4. ADH (vasopressin): extrarenal V-1 receptors V-1 on blood vessels ( extra renal)

1.3.5. phosphatidylinositol is broken by phospholipase C which give- DAG & IP3=> which both eventually activate Protein kinase C(IP3 activate protein kinase C Indirectly by releasing Ca++ from the ednoplasmic reticulum) #mnemonic: - alpha-1 & V1 - both Ang II & vassopressin on V1 => vasoconstrictors!

1.4. Tyrosin kinase cascade

1.4.1. GH & prolactin also GH & prolactin has other relation that they are both acidophilic cells in anterior pituitary gland (pars distalis)

1.4.2. insulin

1.4.3. Erythropoietin

2. Bind to intracellular receptors "steroid-Thyroid superfamily".

2.1. Steroid Hormones

2.1.1. Mineralocorticoids

2.1.2. Sex hormones Male sex hormone androgens Female sex hormones Estrogens & Progestins

2.1.3. Glucocorticoids

2.2. Thyroid Hormones "T3 & T4"

2.3. Calcitriol (vit D)

2.3.1. Active form of vit D

2.4. Retinonic acids (vit A)

2.5. Receptor- Hormon complex which act in the DNA either in Enhancer region: increase gene expression or Silencer region: decrease gene expression