Recreational Business

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Recreational Business by Mind Map: Recreational Business

1. idea2 - fitness group for new mums Jess A

1.1. pros and cons

1.1.1. lot of competition

1.2. kind of a mums group who catch up to excercise

2. idea 4 - childrens party complex Jess A

2.1. provides themed parties with dressups and catering provided

2.2. all age groups

3. adventure weekends

3.1. targeting teenagers 14-17 year olds

3.2. rockclimbing

3.3. canoeing/ camping

3.4. bushwalking/bikeriding etc

3.5. teach valuable life skills ie respect, trust

3.6. 3 teenagers per instructor

4. Activity Centre/Afterschool care

5. Old Age Care- Activities, Daily excursions, outings

6. After hours gym

6.1. Pros

6.1.1. Shiftworkers

7. night golf either mini or ordinary

8. Animal farm/family park

8.1. ride on miniature train

8.2. interractive petting and feeding area native and farm animals

8.3. cafe

8.4. Mini golf

8.4.1. include night time mini golf

8.5. BBQ and picnic area

8.5.1. coin operated BBQ's

8.6. trout fishing in man made dams or lakes

8.6.1. paddle boat hire bike hire walking trails around dams

8.7. Extensive playground

8.8. Party bookings (ie birthday and Christmas etc)

8.9. Pros -

8.9.1. demand within city - not much competition country escape without leaving the city Ability to expand

8.9.2. minimal startup and ongoing costs caters for everyone

8.10. Cons

8.10.1. Whitman Park Being outdoors - winter would see less demand

8.11. Investigate competition

8.11.1. internet tourist centres white pages

8.12. Investigate market demand

8.12.1. surveys 20 each variety of age groups

8.13. hedge/shrub maze

8.14. Future activities

8.14.1. Function centre Accommodation (ie chalets) Increase night time activites

8.14.2. Resturant paint-balling Kayaking

9. Sport Recreation Centre