How Technology has/will Changed my Life!

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How Technology has/will Changed my Life! by Mind Map: How Technology has/will Changed my Life!

1. Current Cell Phone

1.1. School

1.1.1. Call peer if missed class for update

1.2. Family

1.2.1. Calling family long distance on call instead of home phone (free on cell)

1.2.2. Texting my children reminders

1.2.3. Calling when running late/early

1.2.4. Change of plans

1.2.5. Grocery items...what do we need?

1.3. Work

1.3.1. Checking in with the office when out in the field

1.3.2. Receiving text messages when in meetings and can't talk but need to deal with issue

1.3.3. Call students outside of regular work hours from cell so students do not have home number, etc.

1.3.4. Can get in touch with staff when they are not in the office. Most have cell on them at all times.

1.4. Friends

1.4.1. Commute is 45 minutes

1.4.2. Call long distance for free

1.4.3. Coordinate Plans

1.4.4. Touch base with friends

2. Why Husband Needs to Buy Me an iPhone!! All the current tasks plus....

2.1. School

2.1.1. Log onto Moodle or ASU Site

2.1.2. Answer emails

2.1.3. Read article etc. while at kids dance, soccer, et. events

2.1.4. Soical networking with Cohort

2.2. Family

2.2.1. Balance checking account while on the run

2.2.2. Can text from iPhone to hubby's iPhone

2.2.3. Can take video/pictures of kids at their events

2.2.4. Social networking with Family

2.3. Work

2.3.1. Text the office staff easier

2.3.2. Work will pay stipend for phone

2.3.3. Integrating learning objects into courses

2.3.4. Social networking with Rio staff/students

2.3.5. Answer emails when out of the office

2.4. Friends

2.4.1. Social networking with friends

2.4.2. Emails to friends

2.4.3. Twitter and Facebook posts more regularly

2.4.4. New node