End of World War II 1945

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End of World War II 1945 by Mind Map: End of World War II 1945

1. South Korea

2. North Korea

3. Prior to war

3.1. Similar

3.1.1. geographically

3.1.2. hisotically

3.1.3. culturally

4. The collapse of the Kingdom of the Kongo 1600s

5. Present

6. The Democratic Republic of the Congo- "the same pattern of economic institutions, incentives, and performance reproduced itself." P89

6.1. Extractive political institutions

6.2. Extractive economic institutions

6.3. Political decentralization almost to the point of colllapse

6.4. Democratic Republic of the Congo

6.4.1. Economic decline

6.4.2. impoverished people

6.4.3. wealthy ruler and elite Jospeh Mobutu Overthrown by Laurent Kabila in 1997, who continued extractive institutions. Power and wealth, with no incentive to change

7. Kingdom of Kongo Independence 1960

8. Today

8.1. Very different

8.1.1. North Korea famine poverty repression illiteracy "one-tenth of average living standards in South Korea." P71

8.1.2. South Korea investment in business educated population technology and innovation

9. Divided at the 38th Parallel

9.1. North Korea

9.1.1. Administered my Russia

9.1.2. Communist regime

9.1.3. Oppressed private enterprise

9.1.4. Become economically stagnant

9.1.5. Extractive institutions Why are these choices made? to maintain power individual wealth EX: Haiti, The Congo Small, ruling elite that favors themselves ""extract incomes and wealth from one subset of society to benefit a different subset." P75 Lack support for technological development and education that promote economic growth Lack of education Lack of technology

9.2. Adopted very different economic institutions

9.3. South Korea

9.3.1. Administered by the US

9.3.2. Authoritarian

9.3.3. Allowed private enterprise

9.3.4. Supported growth

9.3.5. Inclusive institutions EX: The United States economic activity productivity pluralistic centralized prosperity 2 Engines to prosperity

10. Korean War 1950