Y4 Mario Kart Theme

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Y4 Mario Kart Theme by Mind Map: Y4 Mario Kart Theme

1. Literacy: Stories set in imaginary worlds

1.1. Discussion of setting

1.2. Describing an imaginary world using images and stills from Mario Kart Zones.

1.3. Improvisation: act out interviews with racers from a Mario Kart Race. Get different viewpoints from the perspectives of them racing (e.g. if there was a collision in the race)

1.4. Discuss how a writer would convey the images in Mario world.

1.5. Focus on descriptive language, setting and character

1.6. Newspaper and report writing > drama or chat room with CEO of nintendo to lead to adverts / reports

2. Mathematics

2.1. When testing vehicles children make estimations of distance, using m and km.

2.2. Develop use of decimal notation when recording distances travelled.

2.3. To measure perimeters of tracks, vehicles etc.

2.4. Measure lap times, when playing/investigating Mario Kart.

2.5. Present finding from their vehicle testing, using tables, and presenting in bar charts & Carry out survey of favourite vehicles used.

3. Science: Friction

3.1. When studying friction, children begin to make decisions about what needs to be tested when choosing the correct material for car tyres for their Vehicle.

3.2. Make predictions about suitable materials, relating to their knowledge about friction.

3.3. Linked to maths, decide what measurements to take. Repeat measurements to make the test fair. Use standard measures.

3.4. Study the importance of friction between tyres and road surface. What materials improve/reduce friction? Discuss the use of parachutes to slow vehicle down in an emergency, and air resistance.

4. ICT: Graphics

4.1. Mario Kart Collages

5. Geography: Map Skills

5.1. Design and draw detailed maps of their Race track/theme park. Including key.

5.2. Develop children’s ability to draw plans (a perspective from above the race track)

5.3. Study graphs of increases and decreases of incline.

6. Art: Drawing

6.1. Evaluate theirs and others’ drawings of Vehicles.

6.2. To draw sketches and detailed drawings of their Mario Kart vehicle.

6.3. Research current images of Mario Vehicles. Draw from memory and their imagination.

6.4. Discuss the importance of line and shape in their drawings to make the vehicle streamline.

6.5. Draw vehicles how they would imagine it, from an imagined world.