Alicia Activity Graph

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Alicia Activity Graph by Mind Map: Alicia Activity Graph

1. red poppy

1.1. announcing bands

1.2. waiting for bands to leave

2. skunk funk

2.1. listening to spotify

2.2. embezzling funds

3. at job interview

3.1. talkin yourself up

4. networking

4.1. boozin for free

4.2. having others ask you to prove yourself

4.3. getting amped about museums

5. testing muni system

5.1. meeting up with sponsee

5.2. meeting up with sponsor

5.3. meeting up with therapist

5.4. on way to, on way back from, al-anon

5.5. on way to, on way back from, al-anon teen

6. presidio

6.1. watching doc martin

6.2. fixing "indian" food (TJs)

6.3. booty health

6.3.1. running

6.3.2. yoga

6.4. checking bus

7. kindas

7.1. girl talk

7.2. bubble baths

7.3. praying to porceline god

8. home or cafe

8.1. applying for a job

8.2. preping for job interview

8.3. sending a thank you note

9. meeting up with crew

9.1. feeling too tired to be with crew