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The Renaissance 1500 - 1660 by Mind Map: The Renaissance 1500 - 1660
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The Renaissance 1500 - 1660


Edmund Spenser

William Shakespeare

Christopher Marlowe

Sir Philip Sidney

John Donne

John Milton


The Tudors 1485-1603

The Stuarts


Cultural Movement; started in italy in the 14th century Means re-birth Recovery of anitque texts Imitation and appropriation of Greek and Latin models

The Renaissance in England

The court, patrons and writers - to be a an author was not seen as a profession - It was a way to gain/maintain role at court - Manuscripts were only circulated among friends - High level of censorship

The Theatre - Open to all social classes -Scripts could be changed depending on the audience's reaction -"The Swan"


Greek and Latin work held in high regard - Many works were more or less translations of classical greek/roman literature. The reformation -> demoted Latin - The literature was written in the vernacular Literature was mainly for the people in and around the court - Most works are about people with power - (Changed somewhat with the invention of the printing press) The theatre was open for the public - The plays had to work for both aristocrats and the common people Universities not open for women - No female writers