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Desert by Mind Map: Desert

1. Do any political borders correspond with this desert?

2. What plant or wildlife are native to this desert?

3. What is the latitude of this desert? Why does that matter?

4. Is this desert expanding?

4.1. Why or Why not?

5. What is the average precipitation in this desert?

6. Does this desert form any borders?

7. How is this desert classified?

7.1. Polar

7.2. Subtropic

7.3. Cold Winter Desert

7.4. Cool Coastal Desert

8. Where is it located?

8.1. Contour Map

8.2. Physical Map

8.3. Political Map

8.3.1. Why is this important?

8.4. Climate Map

9. How many people live here?

9.1. Thematic Map: Population Density