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Simplifying the International Real Estate Transaction by Mind Map: Simplifying the International  Real Estate Transaction
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Simplifying the International Real Estate Transaction

Please consult with your attorney, accountant, and real estate professional before making any decisions to buy real estate. The purpose of this map is to supply with you with ideas that may or may not be involved in the process. Each transaction will be different for each country, state/province, and local municipality as each area has its own laws that govern real estate.

2. Addressing Common Problems

Cost of property

Finding the right property

Immigration laws


Tax laws

Insurance costs

Property taxes

Country benefits

Cultural nuances


1. Coordinating the transaction team

Buyer's agent

Exchange partner


Attorney in US or specific state and Abroad Immigration laws federally governed, real estate is state bar limited


Tools (not to be relied upon)

Accountant US and foreign

Insurance agent

Team member considerations

Title company

7. Closing preparation

Transfer utilities

Moving company

8. Follow up

Neighborhood activities checklist

Ask for referrals

Get an international driving permit

Alarm security

Homewatch services

Mail forwarding

6. Funding the transaction


Currency exchange

Money is seasoned

3. Property Search

Finding the right property

Metric conversions

Currency conversions

Associaiton bylaws


Court records

4. Preparing an offer

Set appointment with transaction team

Create a schedule of milestones for the transaction

Set expectations for proper follow up

5. After offer acceptance

Order inspections


Title search and insurance

CLUE report