Dave's Mind Map

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Dave's Mind Map by Mind Map: Dave's Mind Map

1. Are certain subjects more Challenging? ANSWER: Reading would have to be up there.

2. Sleep

2.1. Around 50 hrs.a week, 7 days a week

3. Family Commitments

3.1. Around 5 to 10 hrs. a week

4. Study Schedule

4.1. Around 20 hrs. a week

5. Work Schedule

5.1. Around 40 hrs. a week

6. Time Bound

6.1. Don't be in a Hurry and don't cram your schedule! =

7. Relevant

7.1. Don't over due it! (Relax) =

8. Attainable

8.1. Keep my Planner Up each Day! =

9. Measurable

9.1. Get my Associates Degree in IT TECHNOLOGY! =

10. Specific

10.1. Get a 2nd Job and get out of debt! =

11. What are your Talents? ANSWER: I like to use my hands when doing projects

12. What do you like to do with your free time? ANSWER: Play Golf

13. What Skills should you develop? ANSWER: Technology Skills

14. What is your Career Path? ANSWER: Getting my Associates Degree

15. When can you schedule study time? ANSWER: Any time during day

16. When do you concentrate best? ANSWER: In the Morning

17. Managing Money

17.1. Get out of Debt =

18. Best Nutrition

18.1. Breakfast =

19. Spirituality

19.1. Pray to God Everyday =

20. Family & Friends

20.1. Two Brothers/ Relatives =

21. Support

21.1. Westwood College =

22. Exercise

22.1. 20 minute walk =

23. Prioritizing

24. Critical Thinking

25. Communication Skills

25.1. Writing Clear and Concise Messages. Yes I believe that you check spelling and comprehension of a sentence that I would write.

25.2. How do you asked good questions? By doing your research when you don't understanding the assignment.

26. Setting Goals

27. Taking Care Of Yourself

28. Reading Comprehension

28.1. How long does it take you to read? ANSWER: Probably 30 seconds on one page, some times I have to read the page twice if distracted.

29. Time Management

30. Knowing Thyself