Solution to increasing demands of water

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Solution to increasing demands of water by Mind Map: Solution to increasing demands of water

1. Water Conservation By :

1.1. 1: Recycling Household water by doing simple tasks like recycling laundry water for flushing toilets and watering gardens

1.1.1. 2: Collecting Rainwater to flush toilets, water gardens and wash items 3: Repairing underground piping systems to prevent any loss of water due to leaking old pipes and faulty connections 4: Using water-saving methods and technology so as to save water; Up to 50% can be saved if one uses efficient water management.

2. Increase of price of water as...

2.1. treating raw water to make it safe to drink (Potable water) is expensive and thus increasing the price of water is a natural way of responding to the rising demand.

2.1.1. Also. in order to cut down water wastage and make people conserve water, a additional cost can be imposed. (Such as a water conservation tax) An example of such a tax is Singapore's. In Singapore, the price of water increases from S$1.17 per cubic metre to S$1.40 per cubic metre if a household's consumption of water exceeds 40 cubic metre per month.

3. Increase in water supply as...

3.1. Water is a precious resource, hence it requires careful management and conservation. If conserving water is difficult to achieve, one can increase the water supply.