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What Makes a Great Mathematician by Mind Map: What Makes a Great
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What Makes a Great Mathematician

Have knowledge of their multiplucation.

Must have a love for maths.

Have to study hard.

Does maths buddy and other math sites at their house.

Is good with numbers


Knows division

Knows subtraction

Knows addition e.g 1+1

doesnt get destract

pays attention during maths time and listens hard

Has a good attitude

Finishes their task on time

do your homework

Practise hard/consistently.

Learns efficently

Trys hard to memorize their basic facts

Understands maths.

Puts in effort.

Who able to know bedmas

Who is able to work out difficult problems

Listens to the instructions .

studies hard

works outside of school and tries there best

good with fractions

Doesnt stray from the instructions

knows time tables

Is proud of their achieventments/work

who wopks toward thier goals