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Buddhadharma 2.0 by Mind Map: Buddhadharma 2.0
3.0 stars - 1 reviews range from 0 to 5

Buddhadharma 2.0

trans-denominational identity? (hds)

post-sectarian Dharma?

2nd tier sanghas?

ecstatic synergy


obviousness (lit. "being in the way")

near-zero BS tolerance

realization oriented

pragmatic, applicable dharma (hds)

realistic, attainable models of realization (hds)

Presented by Buddhist


Giving Teachings

Sharing Teachings

Possible Pitfalls/Cautions in using Technology (RO)








Video conference (hds)

Virtual Meditation Sessions

new modes of critical inquiry (hds)


social web

Notes to Collaborators

Feel free to add anything. I've just given a starting point, not exhaustive. go in any direction you like:)

Total # Collaborators: 17 and growing:)

At the bottom of the screen you'll see "Currently Editing". If there's a name there, that means you're editing in real time with a fellow geek:)

ATTN Ryan: let's organize a color-code of some sort, so we can leave notes/comments/questions (hds)

ATTN Ryan: can it be visible who created what? (hds)

report bugs using the feedback button or in their forums - remember it's beta:)

the zoom out tool is very helpful

if someone is editing with you, click on their name to set up skype conference:)

ATTN: it would seem there's a limited number of characters per node (hds)

ATTN: could we build a list of websites/teachers/sanghas that are making an effort toward bD 2.0 (hds)

YOU CAN SEE CHANGES NOW:) use the change button on the pallette. I'm guessing it'll note changes here on out. everything before this might have my name or show "myself".

Mindmeister updates:


need outlets/publishers

need a way to access/collaborate with experts

need training (hds)

Note to Viewers

Click screen and drag

Guiding Principles of bD 2.0 (hds)

Your own list of 5 key elements HERE:

Sharing & Collaborating / Preserving teachings yet modifying the manner they are stored and presented... / -TMcG

For ideas from Web 2.0 see MindMap (hds)

For a basic level criticism, see Nicholas Carr's "Amorality of Web 2.0" (hds)

But bD 2.0, fortunately, is not about Web 2.0 ! (hds)