Buddhadharma 2.0

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Buddhadharma 2.0 by Mind Map: Buddhadharma 2.0

1. trans-denominational identity? (hds)

1.1. post-sectarian Dharma?

1.2. 2nd tier sanghas?

1.3. ecstatic synergy

1.4. clarity

1.5. obviousness (lit. "being in the way")

1.6. near-zero BS tolerance

1.7. realization oriented

1.8. pragmatic, applicable dharma (hds)

1.9. realistic, attainable models of realization (hds)

2. Presented by Buddhist Geeks.com

3. Dharma

3.1. Practice

3.1.1. mind training devices (hds) sound/image

3.1.2. biofeedback mind-body machines brainwave tech

3.1.3. induced lucid dreaming (hds)

3.1.4. plain old sitting in what way is this bD 2.0? (hds)

3.1.5. Street Retreat

3.1.6. scalable and modular practices (hds)

3.2. Study

3.2.1. dharmic study interactive DVD-series (hds)

3.2.2. multilingual web (hds)

3.2.3. guided "graded" readings (hds)

3.2.4. classical languages (sanskrt, tibetan, chinese etc.) hds

3.2.5. Idea tree (a hierarchy of ideas with 4 nobel truths and the top and showing all branches and lineages from there

3.2.6. MindMapping Lineage

3.2.7. online buddhist university (hds)

3.3. Other

3.3.1. dharma-games (hds)

3.3.2. online debate (hds)

3.3.3. Digital as a means to preserve the teachings - TMcG Online libraries (hds) Searchable index dictionaries (hds) Summaries of great commentaries (hds) One screen summaries of root texts (hds) DVD Tripitaka (hds)

3.3.4. Right Livelihood buddhist white and yellow pages (hds) "LinkedIn" idea for scholarships/ jobs w/Right Livelihood as a focus

4. Sangha

4.1. Blogs

4.1.1. individual

4.1.2. collaborative

4.1.3. group

4.2. Podcasts

4.3. Video conference (hds)

4.4. Virtual Meditation Sessions

4.5. new modes of critical inquiry (hds)

4.5.1. public opinion (hds)

4.5.2. online discussion groups

4.5.3. interactive polls

4.5.4. user generated Q&As

4.5.5. various wikis

4.5.6. mindmaps like this one

4.6. MindMaps

4.7. social web

4.7.1. spiritual networking

4.7.2. online romance

4.7.3. virtual centers and networks seeking expression in meatspace (hds)

4.7.4. IRC

4.7.5. buddhist white and yellow pages (hds)

4.7.6. LIVE courses, teachings and retreats database (hds)

5. Artists/Storytellers

5.1. need outlets/publishers

5.1.1. instructional videos

5.1.2. koan videos

5.1.3. Buddhism integrated into mainstream media 'meme spotting' : finding ideas in the media that resonate with teachings, but not just the matrix:)

5.1.4. Children's books/movies

5.1.5. multimedia libraries in Buddhist centers open to public

5.1.6. Miksang/ Dharma Art / Maitri Practice (TMcG)

5.1.7. games (video and board)

5.1.8. secular Buddhist media promoted to mainstream libraries and schools

5.1.9. Graphic Novels & Comics (ws) Osamu Tezuka

5.2. need a way to access/collaborate with experts

5.2.1. Integral theory

5.2.2. Buddhist philosophy

5.2.3. Technology

5.2.4. Educational theory

5.2.5. Multicultural awareness

5.2.6. Cross-cultural studies

5.3. need training (hds)

5.3.1. traditional dharma arts such as caligraphy, chanting, painting and sculpture (hds)

5.3.2. contemporary techniques and new media (hds)

6. Buddha/Teachers

6.1. Giving Teachings

6.1.1. Live Webcasts : Presence audio video

6.1.2. Podcasts

6.1.3. Virtual Interactive Q&A (hds)

6.1.4. Multimedia DVD (hds)

6.1.5. Syndication (hds)

6.1.6. MindMapping

6.1.7. Connecting with graphic designers to help visually communicate these options. CM DVD Menus Website Design A Dharma Schema - for talks, books, discources & suttras Styled Emails Logos Advertising Flyers Stickers Posters Guerilla Marketing

6.2. Sharing Teachings

6.2.1. with teachers in one's community (hds)

6.2.2. with teachers in other traditions (hds) cross-tradition teachings delivered by several teachers from multiple perspectives (hds)

6.2.3. with media creators/storytellers

6.2.4. Joint Syndication (hds)

6.3. Possible Pitfalls/Cautions in using Technology (RO)

6.3.1. unless a strict attention is paid to the quality of the communicae, there is the possiblitly for a lot of verbal poop. ("the more ways we have to communicate the less we actually communicate." theory) CM

6.3.2. hyperbolic dharma-marketing (hds)

6.3.3. over-reaching and diluting in effort to make teachings more accessible and user-friendly (hds)

6.3.4. pop-dharma (hds) *definition?

7. Notes to Collaborators

7.1. Feel free to add anything. I've just given a starting point, not exhaustive. go in any direction you like:)

7.2. Total # Collaborators: 17 and growing:)

7.3. At the bottom of the screen you'll see "Currently Editing". If there's a name there, that means you're editing in real time with a fellow geek:)

7.4. ATTN Ryan: let's organize a color-code of some sort, so we can leave notes/comments/questions (hds)

7.4.1. How about having a "commentary" Node? Or use the icons.

7.4.2. we could have a separate commentary node or use purple for all commentary anywhere on the map. what does everyone think? -Ryan

7.4.3. love using icons! Maybe we get set up a node as a key code for icons -Ryan

7.5. ATTN Ryan: can it be visible who created what? (hds)

7.5.1. I used purple! If there is another way to do it, let me know. - Turil Maybe we could use purple for all commentary and just sign our names?-Ryan Right now Mindmeister has no good way of showing who did what, though that would rock! -Ryan

7.5.2. ah...SO, if you create a new node, it will assign you a color, but if you add to an existing node it keeps the color of the original writer ...I think-ryan that's default, but you can change the new node's colour subsequently (hds)

7.5.3. HEY EVERYONE: add your initials to your work, and a comment icon "?" or "i" if you touch on others' work, so we can track this monster genealogically (RO/hds)

7.6. report bugs using the feedback button or in their forums - remember it's beta:)

7.7. the zoom out tool is very helpful

7.8. if someone is editing with you, click on their name to set up skype conference:)

7.9. ATTN: it would seem there's a limited number of characters per node (hds)

7.10. ATTN: could we build a list of websites/teachers/sanghas that are making an effort toward bD 2.0 (hds)

7.10.1. I like this idea!!! TMcG

7.10.2. i agree completely, ryan. voila! http://ma.gnolia.com/groups/Buddhadharma_2.0 (hds)

7.11. YOU CAN SEE CHANGES NOW:) use the change button on the pallette. I'm guessing it'll note changes here on out. everything before this might have my name or show "myself".

7.11.1. let's see if this change is attributed to someone else (hds)

7.11.2. Sounds good. Maybe it would be better to do this in a social bookmarking group rather than on the mindmap? RO

7.12. Mindmeister updates: http://www.mindmeister.com/home/show_news/6

8. Note to Viewers

8.1. Click screen and drag

9. Guiding Principles of bD 2.0 (hds)

9.1. Your own list of 5 key elements HERE:

9.2. Sharing & Collaborating / Preserving teachings yet modifying the manner they are stored and presented... / -TMcG

9.3. For ideas from Web 2.0 see MindMap http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/a/a7/Web_2.0_Map.svg (hds)

9.4. For a basic level criticism, see Nicholas Carr's "Amorality of Web 2.0" http://roughtype.com/archives/2005/10/the_amorality_o.php (hds)

9.5. But bD 2.0, fortunately, is not about Web 2.0 ! (hds)