Goldstein Chapters 2 and 3: Race, Class, Sex, etc.

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Goldstein Chapters 2 and 3: Race, Class, Sex, etc. by Mind Map: Goldstein Chapters 2 and 3: Race, Class, Sex, etc.

1. Race 1. fluid - varies by speaker and who they're speaking to 2. lighter-darker continuum - light skin positive, dark skin negative 3. discrimination written right into job listings 4. Mulata - highly sexualized ideal - symbol of Brazil a. viewed as seductress b. women want to be one, seduce rich white man c. African characteristics made beautiful by "whitening" 5. unusual perceptions of racism

2. Rio de Janeiro and Brazil 1. extreme income gap - carryover from slavery 2. Rio supplanted as economic powerhouse by Sao Paulo in 1980s 3. "Brazil is different" idea - hegemony keeps this idea firmly entrenched

3. Master & Servant ideas 1. built into architecture Brazil - cramped servant quarters, separate entrances, elevators 2. euphemization hides domination 3. long patron-client relationship means both were happy - false 4. servants are property, stupid, and can't speak well 5. separate public spaces for rich and poor - pools, restaurants

4. Oppositional Culture 1. anything but becoming domestic servant a. gangs for young men b. factories, prostitution for women 2. aggressive joking, black humor

5. Shared Characteristics 1. "cultivated incompetence" (68) as status symbol 2. able to hire domestic servants - symbol of dominance 3. small compared to lower class

6. Elite Class 1. Paternalistic attitude towards domestic workers 2. Some sense of guilt, but blame the economy 3. embraced diversity after WW1 - emulated Europe less

7. Middle Class 1. state of mind as much as economic situation 2. fear of slipping back to lower class 3. reluctance to give up domestic workers - ability to hire them is what separates them from lower class

8. Lower Class 1. paid sustenance wage, not living wage 2. domestic work, manual labor 3. possess intimate knowledge of their employers lives - reverse not true 4. uncomfortable serving others who have ascended from lower class - resentment