My Fashion Design: Model.

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My Fashion Design: Model. by Mind Map: My Fashion Design: Model.

1. (this is for theme)Try and find this ribbon that i like. but i'm not sure if you can find something like this. so hopefully just pick any color or kind of this ribbon for the hair :) If you could find blue. it would be great

2. Make-up

2.1. doesn't have to be this kind of color on the picture that is showing, just pick a pretty blue color and a balck nail polish(for making a design or stripes)

2.2. Get aqua blue, and purple eye shadow if possible <3 any color would be fine.

2.3. The face: wanted to make a design with just glitter for the face for my model.any color is fine. color would be pink and green(going to try and make a flower if possible)

3. Theme

4. Hair

4.1. Hair stuff

4.2. Wavy hair

4.3. m

5. Fashion

5.1. Black dress

5.2. White dress I don't know which dress i ll be picking for the model so maybe black or white dress.

5.3. Black boots