(and its effects)

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(and its effects) by Mind Map: (and its effects)

1. Impact on Africa

1.1. Positive effects

1.1.1. Local warfare reduced

1.1.2. Improved sanitation and hospitals & schools provided Increased life span and literacy rates improved

1.1.3. African products now highly valued on international market

1.2. Negative effects

1.2.1. Africans lost control of their freedom and independence

1.2.2. New diseases killed many

1.2.3. Thousands killed from resistance movements

1.2.4. Famines due to shift from subsistence farming to cash crops

1.2.5. Breakdown of traditional cultures

1.2.6. Division of continent

2. Impact on warfare

2.1. Adoption of Western techniques

2.2. Shift from hand weapons to mechanical weapons such as the Maxim gun

3. Impact on civilian life

3.1. Laws introduced that restricted people, joy taken out of their lives

3.2. Children losing cultural roots, grew up without learning their native language and religion

3.3. Cultural tradition changes

4. Impact on labor

4.1. Industrialization, factories introduced instead of single workers

4.2. Subsistence farming shifts to factory work, farmers forced to move to city and get job as a factory worker

4.3. Cash crops instead of subsistence

4.3.1. Crops such as wheat, cotton, opium, rice, etc.

4.3.2. Eventually leads to widespread famine

5. Impact on environment

5.1. Food chains disrupted due to British hunting and killing the predators

5.2. Huge expansion of cultivable land, agriculture increases

5.3. Clear cutting and deforestation

5.4. Factories begin causing air pollution

5.5. Increased infrastructure in the cities

5.5.1. Rapid growth calls for more buildings built