Reebok Creative Brainstorming

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Reebok Creative Brainstorming by Mind Map: Reebok Creative Brainstorming

1. Mobile Application

1.1. Social media integration

1.1.1. Find workout buddies with similar goals Get dropped if you drop the ball

1.2. King/Queen of app

1.2.1. Workouts tie into celebrity endorsements

1.3. Could tie-in with Spotify application

1.4. Tie-in with Fitbit similar data

1.5. Split it up into four sections with diff. workouts

2. Partnership Ideas

2.1. Could be event

2.1.1. "Events around you" tab on website

2.1.2. Lozilu - all girls

2.1.3. Color Run

2.1.4. Crossfit Tour Bus

2.1.5. Pump and Run Series

2.1.6. Reebok Rescue - go in and renovate crappy gyms Webisodes on Reebok site/Youtube

2.2. Could be a separate company

2.2.1. Sports drink company?

2.2.2. GoPro

2.2.3. Local gym chains, boutiques - see if they can sponsor a crossfit "room"

2.2.4. yurbuds headphones

3. Spokesperson/Endorsements

3.1. Someone who needs to be fit

3.1.1. Jay Z?

3.2. In the "aspiring regular" category

3.3. Could do commercial with them on tour, show what they do when they workout?

3.3.1. Reebok gear on the road

3.3.2. Fits for whatever they do

3.3.3. Could post their specific workouts

4. App/Partnerships

4.1. Fitbit

4.2. Facebook

4.3. Twitter

4.4. Tinder?

4.5. Pinterest (Reebok folder)

4.6. Instagram

4.7. My Fitness Pal

4.8. Four Square "Check-ins"