Bali, Scuba Divimg

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Bali, Scuba Divimg by Mind Map: Bali, Scuba Divimg

1. Deep dive

1.1. Saw a manta ray

2. NIght Dive

2.1. nervous and got los

3. Dancing bali stylr

4. Hike the volcano

4.1. Crush

5. Jay

5.1. Cut on the head

5.1.1. Funny

6. Pool

6.1. Hang out with friends

6.1.1. White shorts fell down and got hurt

7. Sexy

7.1. Dive instrutor

7.1.1. Cool guy Funny Pick on me

8. Room war

8.1. Through toliet paper across the roomd

8.1.1. Big fight Fun and got in troubel

9. Bathroom

9.1. Using it and ran out of toilet paper

10. Minemal Faffing

10.1. Fappimg