Project Management Scenario

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Project Management Scenario by Mind Map: Project Management Scenario

1. Project Team

1.1. Project Manager

1.2. Instructional Designer

1.3. Subject Matter Expert

1.4. Research Assistant

1.5. Faculty Representative

2. Project Delivery

2.1. The courses to be reformatted will be presented in a traditional/on-ground classroom environment.

3. Project Focus

3.1. The English Language Department at Haberdine University wants to restructure its current course offerings to further support the University's growing student population enrolled in the College of English Language Studies for whom English is not their first or native language.

3.2. The courses to be developed/reformatted include an introductory course for College Freshmen or recent transfer students to acquaint them with the academic life and style of Haberdine University as a second language learner, as well as intermediate and advanced courses in English language instruction, such as Academic Writing in English, English Grammar, British vs. American English, Reading in English for Comprehension, Conversational English, Academic English, Researching in English, etc.