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JustBoughtIt by Mind Map: JustBoughtIt
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Consumer -> Consumer

Consumer -> Business

Business -> Consumer

White Label



Shopping As A Game

Encourage users to buy more by offering them discounts for achieving levels of usage

Just look at what Foursquare is doing with drinking. Their model is perfect, but only halfway there.

Discounts would be paid for by retailers. They would simply pay a commission to JBI and send an electronic coupon to select, local, users.

Users would be able to collect discounts and have a list of all available deals

Obviously far off, but something to keep in mind

"Get paid to shop" is a great tagline if you want to grow quickly.

Great read: Raj Bohemian

About P2P commerce going too far.

Power To The People

Related to the Cluetrain Manifesto

Use JustBoughtIt as a VRM service

Let users make demands of resellers via @reply petitions

Would be incredibly empowering for consumers

Spread virally, very quickly

Would force the other end to handle logistics of the discount

Could be used to change terms of service instead of price