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Questioning by Mind Map: Questioning

1. teach students to question eachother

2. No such thing as a stupid question

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3. Has good answers, not correct answers.

4. Have students question eachother

5. Give them time to answer

6. move on if student doesn't know answer.

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7. Answer questions with questions!

8. bloom's higher levels

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9. It is OK if you do not get the answer today.

10. Give students time to answer

11. Student generated

12. Positive encouragement for all answers

13. Don't ignore students' questions

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14. Use real life examples

15. Question with a purpose

16. Have students write down thoughts prior to asking publicly

17. Call on every student

18. Get all students involved

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19. use accurate vocabulary

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20. Ask the question to the whole class before calling on one person

21. Understand the students' depth of prior knowledge

22. Keep learning styles in mind when asking for responses

23. Be enthusiastic when asking questions