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Cyberwellness QED527 TG2 by Mind Map: Cyberwellness QED527 TG2
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Cyberwellness QED527 TG2


-Encompassess concerns around safety and security online.

-Consider people psychological,social and emotional well being.

Being responsible, respectful and rational, as well as being alert to scams and how to protect themselves

cyberwellness - having a healthy mindset in the virtual reality

use the internet safely

Why we need it

To ensure that internet is a safe medium especially for the young.

Practise respect and responsibility.

Strike a balance beyond the internet.

selection of useful information

protection of one's mental health/capacity to think

teenagers and adolescents are still not mature enough to know what is right or wrong. We need a framework to guide them along.

developing the child’s instinct to protect himself and empower him to take responsibility for his own well-being in cyberspace.

instill social responsibility

The students will be aware that there are laws to abide to even online





game addiction



social network

illegal file-sharing/downloading

information overload

online gambling

computer security

invasion of privacy (stalking people)

online shopping

How to implement it in schools

Involving parents

through lessons




Seminar for Cyber Wellness

Cyber Wellness Guidebooks

practices in school computer labs

Positive Implications



being aware of the dangers posed by the internet as it is readily available to everyone

Increased Efficiency in learning/working

Respect for others

Learn new knowledge