Chapter 7: Response to Social-Cultural and SEC Diversity

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Chapter 7: Response to Social-Cultural and SEC Diversity by Mind Map: Chapter 7: Response to Social-Cultural and SEC Diversity

1. retain unique identities, forging common ground with majority gp

2. Responses

2.1. Individuals

2.1.1. Social Media post by local social media influencer response by President of YSA against cyberbullying

2.2. community groups

2.2.1. WIMBY ground-up campaign awareness abt migrant workers

2.2.2. IRO NON-govt org interfaith dialogues, lectures

2.3. govts

2.3.1. France assimilation policies secularism Education Employment Naturalisation Results adopt beliefs and practices of majority gp - identity smilar to majority gp

2.3.2. Singapore Integration Policies Race Community Support Naturalisation Common Experience NS Tensions negative stereotypes

3. SEC div

3.1. Individuals

3.1.1. volunteer to help lower income gps mobile clinics Mr Shariff

3.1.2. grit and perseverance Ms Fiona Ke hard work, financial aid Happy People Helping People

3.2. Community Gps

3.2.1. DOT workshops to help women upskills subsidised rental flats or low income

3.2.2. KHA volunteers help 1-2 room rental flat residents

3.3. Govts

3.3.1. Sweden Govt-Financed approach Healthcare ed Housing skills training challenges

3.3.2. Spore Shared-responsibility indiv,comm, govt work ComCare Subsidies for healthcare,preschool, housing Challenges