The climate and the vegetacion of europe.

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The climate and the vegetacion of europe. by Mind Map: The climate and the vegetacion of europe.

1. the vegetation of europes.

1.1. vegetation in the warm climate, there are three types:

1.1.1. the zone wih oceanic climate, there are pradies and forest with caduca leaves. in the plane with poor floor. only grow small vegetation.

1.1.2. the zone of mediterranean climate: the mediterranean forest.

1.1.3. the zone of continental climate: there are taigas and estepas.

1.2. vegetation of the cold zone= in the zone of the polar climate it doesn´t grow vegetation and grows musgo, liquens. this vegetation is called tundra.

2. The warm climate

2.1. The warm climate in europe is clasifies in:

2.1.1. oceanic climate= is caracteristic all the zone shower for the atlantic ocean and in the center of europe. the temperature are soft in summer the precipitation are abundant and regular.

2.1.2. mediterranean climate= the temperature are high in summer and soft in winter. in summer, it doesn´t rain.

2.1.3. continental climate= it is caracteristic in the zone of the south of europe. the temperature is high in summer and low in winter. the precipitation are concentrated in summer.

3. The cold climate

3.1. The cold climate is localized in the latitud over the paralers 60 grades north. there are two types:

3.1.1. polar climate= it is in the north of nordios country and russia. the polar climate is the coldest of the earth. there are few precipitation.

3.1.2. mountain climate= it is localizated at the most elevated continent. the temperature is very low in winter and fresh in summer. the precipitation is abundant.