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Cloud-computing by Mind Map: Cloud-computing

1. Mail & Instant Messaging


1.2. Product: Microsoft Lync

1.3. Provider: Microsoft

1.4. Key functionality: you can chat, email, send files, call etc. It's immediately linked to your agenda.

1.5. Business advantage: you can easily communicate with your colleagues, using the device you want (iPad, pc, mac etc.)

2. Collaboration and documents


2.2. Product: Microsoft 365 for business

2.3. Provider: Microsoft

2.4. Key functionality: you can access office applications online and you have access to other IT-services. It's designed for business.

2.5. Business advantage

2.5.1. You can easily work together by using file sharing. You can easily share your files with your colleagues.

2.5.2. Email and agenda are shared aswell

2.5.3. The data you share using Microsoft 365 for business is safe and secure and won't be scanned for advertising.

3. Backup


3.2. Product: Symantec Backup Exec

3.3. Provider: Symantec

3.4. Key functionality: it's a backup system that protects your data physical and virtual. It has also a system for disaster recovery.

3.5. Business advantage: this software can restore entire servers to limit the time that your servers don't work.

4. Sales and customer support and tracking


4.2. Product: Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

4.3. Provider: Microsoft

4.4. Key functionality

4.5. Business advantage

4.5.1. It helps attracting new clients

4.5.2. You can increase sales

4.5.3. You can make your clients feel more satisfied

5. Telecommunication cost


5.2. Product: Skype

5.3. Provider: Microsoft & Skype

5.4. Key functionality: it's an easy way to speak to people for free or at a low rate using the internet. You can use skype on your pc, tablet or your smartphone

5.5. Business advantage

5.5.1. Lower cost than regular phone calls

5.5.2. Calling over the internet to normal phone numbers

5.5.3. Group conferences

5.5.4. You can integrate skype in your current phone system

6. Sales mobility


6.2. Product: System Dynamics: ERP & MRP Cloud software

6.3. Provider: Oracle

6.4. Key functionality: manage sales, inventore, supply chain managment, manufacturing, distribution, accounting, financial statements, hr and others in one single software solution

6.5. Business advantage

6.5.1. Web-based application; no software to install

6.5.2. The company becomes pore competitive, productive and efficient

7. Training


7.2. Product: Electa Live

7.3. Provider: Electa Communications Ltd.

7.4. Key functionality:

7.4.1. Internet place for schooling and online training

7.4.2. Live classes in multiple virtual classrooms

7.5. Business advantage

7.5.1. No more need for traveling every year to the headquarter

7.5.2. More training possible: online

7.5.3. Cheaper: no travel costs