Script - How I created this Mind Map

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Script - How I created this Mind Map by Mind Map: Script - How I created this Mind Map

1. Tools used to record, edit and share the video showing how I created this mind map

1.1. Camtasia Studio - To record, edit & produce video

1.2. - TechSmith hosting service

1.3. YouTube - Google hosting

2. Video

3. Method/Script

3.1. I used MindMeister (Browser or mobile)

3.1.1. Created it first

3.1.2. Made a script using MindMeister

3.2. Inspiration - Saw Matt's video - And shelf of books

3.3. Took a screen shot of Matt's bookshelf at 0:50

3.4. Started writing a comment on YouTube with link to time 0:50

3.5. Thought about making a list of books for myself and just sending to Evernote to look at

3.6. Thought naw - I'll make a Mind Map similar to one I'd just made about Classroom Instruction and Educational Technologies

3.7. Used a workflow I'd developed for this purpose

3.7.1. MindMeister Started MindMeister and created a new mind map from a template Used Snagit 11 to capture image of Matt's bookshelf Typed in book names Used Wunderlink to get Amazon links Copied list of books Used MindMeister to find "Look Inside" image for books Copied QR code info and Navigation info from another Mind Map Made this MindMap public (so I could get a public link) Created a presentation version of mind map and got a link to it Used and Snagit to create image of QR code that I substituted Click to look inside

4. Tools used to create this mind map

4.1. MindMeister

4.2. Snagit 11

4.3. Evernote

4.4. (URL shortener and QR code creator)

4.4.1. Tools used to test QR code iPad - qrafter Android - QR Droid