Big Ideas About Coraline

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Big Ideas About Coraline by Mind Map: Big Ideas About Coraline

1. Overcoming Fears

1.1. Scared of other world, went in anyways to save parents

1.2. Stood up to other mother

2. Change comes from experience

2.1. Coraline used to feel nervous and apprehensive about everything but after

3. Not giving up

3.1. Coraline was told by the kids in the dark room that the other mother wouldn't stop asking for love until Coraline's soul is hers

3.2. Coraline persistently keeps going back to the house until she finishes her job

3.2.1. Gets parents out

3.2.2. Gets kids out

3.2.3. Puts the hand in the well

4. Home

4.1. Coraline bored of home

4.2. After coming back, Coraline loves home

4.2.1. p137: Nothing, she thought, had ever been so interesting. italicize

4.3. Two different but similar homes that belong to Coraline

4.3.1. Coraline feels more comfortable in her own rather than her other mother's creation

5. Curiosity can lead to trouble

5.1. Coraline goes to her other home that leads her to trouble