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#MakersBerlin creating, crafting, fabbing by Mind Map: #MakersBerlin  creating, crafting, fabbing
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#MakersBerlin creating, crafting, fabbing

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Your Personal Factory for Everything

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Level up #MakersGermany

Die Maker-Bewegung wälzt unsere Welt um. Do It Yourself, Hacken, einfach Machen. Es ist egal, welchen Namen wir der Sache geben. Es ist eine, bisher stille, industrielle Revolution. Es ist offensichtlich, dass die Menschen ein Bedürfnis haben, mit ihren eigenen Händen etwas zu schaffen. Dass sie individuelle Produkte statt Massenware von der Stange suchen.

Level up #MakersEurope

What is this map?

This mind map is kind of "Navigator Map" - for the folks interested in "making" things - creating, crafting, fabbing - using high tech, low tech or no tech - connecting the unconnected

The map just started in March 16, 2013 - it will grow ... please be patient

There is no commercial connection to any of the listed. Contact me here / follow

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3D Printing / FabLabs

3D Printing Berlin


3DP Service Providers

Fab Lab Berlin | Community Education Technology

ODC Berlin

Woodshop, Product Design, Intro in 3DP


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Etsy Labs Berlin


Repair Cafè Events in Berlin

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Collaborative Economy

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Berlin Hack and Tell

ouishare community

ouishare community Berlin

Open Tech School - (900+)

Rails Girls Berlin -

Trade School -

TechMeetups has been setup to create a global network of Tech communities from San Francisco to Sydney. We believe that Tech communities are isolated and great things can be achieved if we connect within our cities and outside our borders. Our goal is to create a global Tech cluster of over 50 inter-connected Tech communities by 2013.

Transforming Thinkers Into Creators | General Assembly

Event list of cu:up space for hackers in Berlin

Regular events (check calendar for one-time events) iOS beginner group Berlin compiler meetup Elastic search UG BerlinR meetup Android livecode meetup Berlin PHP user group OpenTechSchool learners meetup OpenHack Berlin HTML5 BUG Python UG CouchDB user group Magento Stammtisch Big data beers Berlin Desknots Berlin Javascript user group OTS talk&play - video game meetup iOSDevBerlinUserGroup Backend web Berlin Freerangers - an exclusive meetup for FT* geeks Docu tribe Berlin mini game jam OpenTechSchool orga breakfast OpenTechSchool workshops

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