Intellectual Property (IP)!

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Intellectual Property (IP)! by Mind Map: Intellectual Property (IP)!

1. Types of IP

1.1. Copyright

1.1.1. A form of IP but it applies to ANY idea or work that an author has come up with. The author can only decide who can use what he created

1.2. Trademarks

1.2.1. Refers to the logo, design or words that are used by a person or a company. These are also only their property because these words or logos are a sign of their company and so very important to them

1.3. Patent

1.3.1. When people invent new things that have never been invented before they want to protect them from other people who can steal their ideas and sell it to make money! So they obtain a patent for their invention and this means that other people cant steal their creation

2. This is a legal idea that protect people like authors, musicians and film makers from people that may use their works without their permission. It gives these artists the right to decide who uses their work and how they use their work. Remember, using someone else's work without asking them is theft, and stealing and bad!!!

3. Legal uses of IP

3.1. Fair Dealing

3.1.1. Even though IP prevents use of a creator's work there are certain times where you can use it.

3.1.2. It all depends on who is using it, how they are using it and for what they are using it.

3.1.3. For example, I can buy a song and play it in the class for you and it is not illegal because it is protected by fair dealing!

3.2. Public Domain

3.2.1. You can think of public domain as this imaginary area where works that were once protected by IP go once the IP runs out!

3.2.2. IP usually only lasts for a specific amount of time and once it runs out, anybody can use that piece or work and it isn't considered stealing!