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Education in the United States by Mind Map: Education in the United States
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Education in the United States


music/art class

art education

physical education

basic subjects

top-down mandates

supplemental materials

English proficiency

social science


final arts

health course


visual arts

performing arts

technology education



foreign languages

standard courses

introductory course


play a significant/an important role in

elementary school teacher

human cognitive development

physical development

certification standard for teacher

Elementary Education

content area tests

instructional skills tests


of diverse learning needs

typical classroom

children with identified special needs

individual student's academic strengths and weaknesses

diverse learners

tobe cognitively, athletically or artistically gifted

singular needs


country's adult population

report cards

individual assignments and tests

a grade book

a percent grade


public sector




public schol

private school

home school

approved home school program

children are home schooled

home school (v), home schooling (n)

unschooling (n)

high school


senior high school

community college

the school year

unit credit

one hour of classwork

post-secondary institution

elite institution

the high school level



school attendant

science and mathematics understanding

Advanced courses


know as

the People's Republic of China

achieve an objective

according to something

a 2005 study by

compete against China on

minister of education

call for something

developed countries

compare to


plan to do something

the ratio of

enter the workforce

the mean of

the labor force

Conclude that

across the country

ordinal number

cardinal number

beginning with

at the beginning of

low income families

upper-class families

with regard to

see something as

the first step toward

the ivy league

specialize in

vary from state to state

in some cases

allow somebody to do something

require somebody to do something

participate in something

to be mandate by

in most cases

consideration for something

post something on website

public access

the concept of

emphasis on

conclude that

a proportion of

children at the age of five

concepts in something

focus on something

emphasis on

encourage somebody to do something

take responsibility for (doing) something

distinguish somebody/something from

a variety of

take class

vary in something

usually two years minimum

at least one year

provide something for somebody

in order to

depend upon / on something

take a course

take something into consideration

the equivalent of

enable somebody / something to do something

use something for (doing) something

use something to something

use something as something

to be exempted from something

the selection of

tend to do something

the lack of

to be seen as something

compare with something

obtain/get/recive permission from somebody to do something

transfer (transferred) from something to something

enroll on/for/in(AmE) a school, university, college

prefer sb/sth to sb/sth

prefer to do sth

prefer doing sth

to be wary of

on the contrary + clause

(to be) contrary to something

tailor something to meet/suit sb's needs/requirements

to be detrimental to

assign sb to (do) sth

to be similar to

opposition to/from

come from

labor union

to be vocal in = outspoken

fall into

fear of (doing) sth

loss of sth

lack of sth

throughout the school year

to be issue to sb

along with sth

translate to sth

at the end of sth

connect to sth

sth as an example

to be considered sth

Primary/elementary education

primary school

Montessori schools

compulsory education

a reading literacy rate at 98%

to be mandatory for

the primary level

school attendant

school time


exams / examinations

secondary education

junior high school (middle school)

the secondary level



college and university



admission and testing

university graduate

college graduate

receive certification from

college-educated adults


head start

child's proper development





the preschool admissions process

Early Childhood education

School and Society

the negative social pressures of schools





school-related problems

social extremist

lack of socialization with others


poor academic quality