Marina Barrage (Geography Project)

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Marina Barrage (Geography Project) by Mind Map: Marina     Barrage    (Geography Project)

1. Past

1.1. In the past,people wasn't well educated.

1.1.1. People depend on the rain

1.2. Didn't have resevoir

1.3. Not enough land to capture rain

1.4. Low life area affected-flood

2. Shortage of water

2.1. depend on the rain in the past

2.2. Singapore is a small country and still growing

2.3. Not enough land to capture rain

3. Developed new water by advance technology

3.1. 4 different resources of water

3.1.1. Local catchment

3.1.2. Buy water from Malaysia

3.1.3. Reclaim of water

3.1.4. Salinated water

4. Without marina barrage,flood occurs

4.1. There wan't drain in the past,thus causing flood

5. About Marina Barage

5.1. 10,000hectares or 1/6 the size of Singapore

5.2. 350m wide

5.3. 9 crest gates

5.4. 7 pumps

6. Flood control

6.1. In the past,low lying area such as Geylang,Jalan besar,Chinatown,Boat Quay experience flood

6.2. when a storm arrive,the 9 crest gates will activate to release excess storm water into the sea when low tide

6.3. During high tides

6.3.1. the 7 pumps will pump the water into the sea capable of pumping an olympics-size swimming pool

7. what can the public do?

7.1. do not bath so long

7.2. when washing dishes use the container to store the use water,althoughs without soap.

7.3. use rain water to water the plant

8. graph of singapore's water supply

9. Future

9.1. By 2060, Singapore plans to triple the current NEWater capacity so that NEWater can meet 50% of its future water demand.

9.2. plans to ramp up desalination capacity by almost 10 times so that desalinated water will meet at least 30% of its water demand in the long term.

9.3. Singapore aims to expand its water catchment area to 90% of Singapore’s land

9.4. An additional NEWater plant will also be built in conjunction with the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System Phase 2.

9.5. Website =

10. Why do we have to save water?

10.1. We have to consume to meet the country's water needs well into the future

11. Present

11.1. Places where we obtain water

11.1.1. rain sea

11.2. What have we achieve so far

11.2.1. 60% of the water needs and out to 100% of the water we have,new water supply30%of it

12. More about how Singapore saves water

12.1. number of reservoirs in Singapore

12.1.1. there are 15 reservoir in singapore

12.2. Where are our local catchments

12.2.1. Singapore River Stamford Canal Rochor Canal Geylang River Kallang River

12.3. national taps

12.3.1. Local Catchment Imported water New water Desalinated water

12.4. Who manage the water resoures now

12.4.1. Public Utility Board