Typical Properties of Perovskite Oxides

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Typical Properties of Perovskite Oxides by Mind Map: Typical Properties of Perovskite Oxides

1. Catalytic activity

1.1. Oxidation

1.2. deNOx

1.3. Hydrogenation

1.4. CH4 coupling

1.5. Oxygen electrode

1.6. Gas sensor

2. Dielectric properties

2.1. Ferroelectricity, piezoelectricity, electrostriction, and pyroelectricity are specialproperties inherent to dielectric materials and are important properties of electroceramics.

3. Electrical conductivity and superconductivity

3.1. One of the most well known properties of perovskite oxides is superconductivity. 1984 Bednorz and Muller (La-Ba-Cu-O perovskite oxide)

3.2. New types of high-temperature oxide superconductors, mainly Cu-based oxides

3.3. Several superconducting oxides with different A-site cations have been discovered (YBa2Cu3O7, Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10,...)