Social Teaching in the New Testament

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Social Teaching in the New Testament by Mind Map: Social Teaching in the New Testament

1. Fulfilling the Old Law through the New Law

1.1. The Old Law MEANS the following of God's commandments

1.2. Jesus fulfills the Old Law perfectly

1.2.1. He did NOT abolish the Old Law The New Law is ROOTED in the Old Law

1.2.2. ABUNDANT life

1.2.3. Life flourishes in the gift of self to others

1.3. How?

1.3.1. He took all the sins against the Old Law and redeemed them

1.3.2. Making salvation possible for all people

2. The New Life from Jesus

2.1. Mercy and forgiveness are an essential part of God's justice

2.1.1. What does it mean to be merciful? Corporal works of mercy 1. Feeding the hungry 2. Giving drink to the thirsty 3. Clothing the naked 4. Sheltering the homeless 5. Visiting the sick 6. Visiting prisoners 7. Burying the dead

2.1.2. What does it mean to forgive? Faith AND works What does this mean?

2.2. Turning the other cheek

2.2.1. What does this mean?

2.2.2. One of the most foundational principles of social justice Love everyone as best we can, no exceptions allowed How do we do this? Forgiving and loving our enemy Even Jesus forgave those who crucified him

2.3. :flag_red: Detachment from wealth is necessary to enter the Kingdom/Kindom of God

2.3.1. Woe to those who are rich You cannot serve God and MAMMON together MAMMON means wealth/property in Aramaic

2.3.2. What does this mean?

2.3.3. Sharing our wealth with those who are poor The goods of Earth are meant for all living beings, not just a few The early Church shared everything in common

2.4. People who care for the poor and vulnerable are very exceptional

2.4.1. They are very close to God (sitting at God's right hand)

2.4.2. Participating in eternal life