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Global problems of humanity by Mind Map: Global problems of humanity

1. Diseases and other modern phenomena

2. The Environmental and Ecological problems of the times. A Planet in Peril

2.1. Global Warming

2.2. Water Scarcity

2.3. Peak Oil, Peak Gas and Peak Uranium

2.4. The Social, Economic and Political Problems of the World, And the Coming One World Order

2.4.1. Global Terrorism

2.4.2. Globalization and Problems of Economic Integration

2.4.3. The Global Conspiracy and Potential World Tyranny

2.5. The Problems of this World relating to Belief and Ideology: The Universal Decline of True Religion and the Rise of replacement Doctrines

2.5.1. Secularization

2.5.2. Spiritual Longing and the 'God shaped hole'

2.5.3. The Scientific World View and Problems with it

2.5.4. Religious Fundamentalism

2.5.5. The New age and Occult

2.6. The Problems of this World in the Realm of Pure Ideas, i.e. in Science, Theology and Philosophy

2.6.1. Interim Summary

3. Risk of war

4. Securing natural resources and energy

5. Environmental degradation