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iPad apps - BIOLOGY by Mind Map: iPad apps - BIOLOGY
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iPad apps - BIOLOGY

Anatomy 4D - Free

VIRTUAL HEART - Free - Explore 3D beating heart. Simple but good.

FROG DISSECTION - £2.49 - dissect specimen step-by-step. 3D imaging, videos, quizzes

3D CELL SIMULATION AND STAIN TOOL - Free - 3D image of cell and some videos. Limited

ANATOMY 3D ("Organs") - £4.99 - 3d modelling of muscles and skeleton with videos, quizzes, images. Comprehensive.

VCELL - Free - Cell processes: videos, images, quizzes

POCKET BODY - Free/£13.99 - 9 layers of visual content, quizzes, multimedia. Good for demonstration.

LEAFSNAP - Free - Identifies leaf species from photos.

VIRTUAL BACTERIAL ID LAB - Free - Identifying bacteria by DNA sequencing. Text/images - limited.

GENE SCREEN - Genetics interactive content

ICELL - Free - 3D, interactive exploration of cells - animal, bacteria, plant

WILD FRIENDS - Free - Wildlife photos

BUFFERS - £1.49 - Chemistry/biology calculator for buffers, pH, concentration, volume and temperature.

3D BRAIN - Free - explore 29 interactive structures, lots of information

POWERS OF MINUS TEN - CELLS AND GENETICS - £1.49 - 3D human hand, zoom right in for cell/genetics vizualisation. Built in game.

POWER OF MINUS TEN - BONE - Free - 3D human hand, zoom right in for bone vizualisation

ONSCREEN DNA MODEL - £2.49 - 3D DNA model to play with.

SKELETON 3D ANATOMY - £0.69 - Skeletal 3D encyclopedia. Isolate and rotate bones.

SHARK TRACKER - Free - Navigational patterns of tagged sharks

MARINE LIFE - Free - Marine life encyclopedia.

RAT DISSECTION - £2.49 - dissect specimen step-by-step. 3D imaging

BUILD A BODY - Free - Drag and drop quizzes - fun: digestive, respitartory, skeletal, nervous, excretory, circulatory categories.

LIVING LUNG - Free - explore 3D lung. Simple but good.

CELEL AND CELL STRUCTURE - £1.99 - Activities, videos, comprehensive.

VIRULENT - Free - Action/strategy game about viruses.

MUSCLE AND BONE ANATOMY 3D - £2.99 - Comprehensive anatomy viewer, 3D modelling, actions, quizzes.

VITAL SIGNS - £0.69 - Measures heart and breathing rate using camera.