ComBridges' Managed Services (Service Level Agreements, SLA's)

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ComBridges' Managed Services (Service Level Agreements, SLA's) by Mind Map: ComBridges'  Managed Services  (Service Level  Agreements, SLA's)

1. Marketing Partners

1.1. Professional, Corporate & Enterprise packages to be defined in terms of deliverables etc.

1.2. Monthly reviews, reports & recommendations re website traffic, conversions, ROI, tracking of marketing objectives

1.3. Social Media Marketing (SMM) Consulting & Coaching

1.4. Writing & Virtual Public Relations (VPR)

1.5. SEO/Organic Search Site Optimization & Link Building

1.6. PPC/Google AdWords & other pay-per-click Campaigns

2. Do It Yourself

2.1. Time & Materials services available with $100/minimum per service event, otherwise client takes responsibility for managing their own technical services

3. Technical Partners

3.1. Basic Website Hosting

3.1.1. Value-added technical package, ComBridges acts as "technical concierge" to facilitate hosting, email, & basic technical services package with accountability

3.2. "We Do WordPress Right." Enhanced Site Maintenance Services (highly recommended for clients using WordPress)

3.2.1. WP upgrades Backups

3.2.2. Set up & monitor Google Webmaster Tools

3.2.3. Insurance

3.2.4. Security

3.2.5. Backups

3.2.6. CB Functionality "Cocktail" Enhancing Commenting Systems Customize plug-in configurations Google Analytics SEO Plug-in favicons (if needed) Blog comment spam filtering Various social networking features Mobile alt versions

4. Video Partners

4.1. Scripting, Digital Story-telling, Production & Editing

4.2. Tube Mogul distribution

4.3. SpeakerText transcripts with linkable text