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LVMH by Mind Map: LVMH

1. French culture

1.1. Decorative arts

1.2. Fashion


1.3. Cinema

2. Compromise with the environment

2.1. Civic Organizations 40 < 50

2.2. Innovacion including recycle

2.2.1. Benefit fashion shows

2.3. Analysis of all effects on the environment over the life of a product, from production to elimination, including use and recycling.

3. Innovation & Technology

3.1. They symbolize the nobility and perfection of traditional craftsmanship.

3.2. The Group's organizational structure is decentralized, which fosters efficiency, productivity, and creativity.

3.3. The success of the companies' new products - particularly in cosmetics - rests squarely with research & development teams.

4. Mission & Values

4.1. Be creative and innovate

4.1.1. High Priority is to be CREATIVE

4.1.2. BEST creative talents

4.2. Alm for product EXCELLECE

4.2.1. Not Started

4.2.2. 25% complete

4.2.3. 50% complete

4.2.4. 75% complete

4.2.5. Done

4.3. ACT as entrepreneurs

4.3.1. Their long-term success is rooted in a combination of artistic creativity and technological innovation

5. Business Culture

5.1. Starting a business? YES

5.2. This level of co-operation between the government and industry has been aided by the influence of the French education system, which pushes the brightest pupils through a system of elite schools known as the Grandes Ecoles.