Want to go to Architecture/Engineering School?

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Want to go to Architecture/Engineering School? by Mind Map: Want to go to Architecture/Engineering School?

1. Community Support Services

2. Schools

2.1. Private Universities

2.1.1. Architecture BS or BA Architecture Golden Gate University Interior Designers Institute Academy of Art University NCARB BARCH Stanford University NewSchool of Architecture & Design Woodbury University University of Southern California Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) New School of Architecture

2.1.2. Pepperdine Art Major and Minor Engineering Major

2.2. Community College

2.2.1. Architecture/Interior and Environmental Design Pasadena City College Cerritos College Rio Hondo College Glendale Community College Santa Monica College District Pasadena LACCD Compton/ElCamino Glendale Cerritos Mount San Antonio Santa Monica

2.2.2. Art

2.3. UC Automatic Transfer from CC

2.3.1. UC Davis Civil Engineering Major Design Major

2.3.2. UC Irvine Civil Engineering, B.S. Urban and Regional Planning, Minor Urban Studies, B.A. Environmental Engineering, B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, B.S. Global Sustainability, Minor

2.3.3. UC Merced Environmental Engineering, B.S Materials Sciences and Engineering, B.S.

2.3.4. UC Riverside Art (Studio) , Materials Science and Engineering Geology , Urban/Environmental Policy Robotics , Bachelor of Science in Sustainability Studies

2.3.5. UC Santa Barbara History of Art and Architecture B.A. History of Art and Architecture—Architecture and Environment Emphasis B.A. Mechanical Engineering

2.3.6. UC Santa Cruz History of Art and Visual Culture , Theater Arts Art & Design: Games + Playable Media Network and Digital Technology Robotics Engineering HIstory of Art and Visual Culture Theater Arts

2.4. UC Non Automatic Transfer from CC

2.4.1. UC Davis Lanscape Architecture

2.4.2. UC Irvine Art, B.A.

2.4.3. UC San Diego Urban Studies and Planning Visual Arts

2.4.4. University of California, Los Angeles

2.4.5. Cal Poly Pomona

2.4.6. University of California, Berkeley

2.4.7. California Polytechnic State University Program Testimonials

2.5. Cal State Colleges Non Automatic Transfer from CC

2.5.1. California State University Northridge Art (Major) Automation and CAD/CAM (Minor) Civil Engineering (Major) Construction Management (Major) Engineering Management Technology (Major) Urban Studies and Planning (Major)

2.5.2. California State Los Angeles Civil Engineering, B.S. Art, M.A.

2.5.3. California State Long Beach Design, B.A. Art Industrial Design, B.S. Interior Design, B.F.A. Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Manage

2.5.4. CalState San Diego Art, Emphasis in Applied Design, B.A. in Applied Arts and Sciences Art, Emphasis in Interior Architecture, B.A. in Applied Arts and Sciences Civil Engineering, B.S. , Construction Engineering, B.S. , Construction Management, B.S. Environmental Engineering, B.S. , Sustainability, B.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences Urban Studies, Urban Planning, Design, and Management Specialization, B.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences

2.5.5. Chico State Art BA Computer Animation and Game Development BS Concrete Industry Management BS Construction Management BS Geography and Planning

2.5.6. Sacramento State Interior Architecture Construction Management Program

2.5.7. San Jose State Architectural Studies Minor / Art, Spatial Art Concentration, BFA Creative Arts, BA / Interior Design, BFA Design Studies, BA / Industrial Design, BS Interdisciplinary Engineering, BS / Materials Engineering, BS

2.5.8. Cal State Fullerton Civil and Environmental Engineering - Engineering - Civil: Architectural Engineering

2.5.9. CalState Dominguez Hills Design, Bachelor of Arts Art, Bachelor of Arts

2.6. Out of State

3. Jobs

3.1. AEC Firms

3.2. Technology Companies

3.3. Entertainment

3.4. Green Products

3.4.1. Water

3.4.2. Energy

3.4.3. Recycle

3.4.4. Lighting Presentation Contact Resources

4. Events

5. Student Support Programs

5.1. Non Profits

5.1.1. ACE - In 27 LA high schools - Program led by AEC- Play Act (site planning, design, cost estimating, etc) - Scholarships - How to promote alternate pathways – Trades + Community College, 4 year - Trades Day – team with Habitat – build a 4’x8’ house - Member Recruitment Day

5.2. Universities and College

5.3. Firms

5.3.1. ARUP Intro to engineering programs @ USC & UCLA LATTC Architecture Program introducction to all fields; sound, engineers, architects, etc

5.4. Associations

5.4.1. USGBC-LA (US Green Building Council- Los Angeles) - virtual job fair - Career Portal (A+E can post jobs here for free) - 800 jobs each year - Green Building Corps (Grads & Mid-Career) + white papers/research internships + mentors - K12 programs – want to collaborate with other A+E org.

5.4.2. DBIA ( The Designated Design-Build Professional) - Young Professional Programs (for those in industry already connect to others in profession from member firms) - Student College Chapters - Scholarships (for 4 year univ. programs, want to expand to community college)

5.4.3. CMAA (Construction Management Assoc. of America) - Internships - Scholarships

5.4.4. ACLA (Architecture for Communities Los Angeles)

5.4.5. AAa/e (Asian American Architect /Engineers Association) - Internships - Scholarships - Mentorships - Connections with schools - Portfolio / Resume review

5.4.6. ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) Young Professional and Student programs - YMF Mentorships & Internships (College students transitioning to the workforce)

5.4.7. AWA+D (Association for Women in Architecture & Design) - Scholarships (Students & Mid-career) - Job Board - Pre-professional mentorship - Careers by Design (Mayor’s Office)

5.4.8. ASHRAE (HVAC) Scholarships (High School & College)

5.4.9. AGC (Associated General Contractors of America) - Construction leadership - Build CA (K12) ambassador training - Scholarship for emerging professionals - Workforce development training] emerging leaders - Scholarhips/job site tours

5.4.10. Pando Populus

5.4.11. AIA ACLA

5.5. Goverment Agencies

5.5.1. City of LA - HS summer camp – learn about careers - CEO council (Edison, Space-Ex) - workforce housing - Workforce development – jobs don’t all require business degrees - Connect with community colleges and trade industries - Ex: LAWA has so many divisions & positions to fill/offer

5.5.2. LA County Department of Economic Opportunity - Funding for training - Want to understand training needs; have programs available - We have partnerships with aerospace, green local - Can pay for internships

5.5.3. LAEDC (Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation) - Connections to community colleges, CSUs and UCs - Exposure and education to careers for under-served communities 5 - Gladiator – videos see self in industry (biosci, energy modeling – industries to combat climate change!)

5.5.4. Careers by Design (Mayor’s Office) - USGBC & LA Trade Tech – urban interventions that get built, design-build projects, training real world skills (ie welding), direct to neighborhood

5.6. Foundation

5.6.1. CIEF (Construction Industry Education Foundation) - Design-build competition for high school teams (partners with architecture and GC firms) - Women in construction programs - Mentorship - Programs for Parents to expose to AEC industry - Lisa Sachs/Cumming a resource

5.6.2. Annaberg

5.6.3. Bloomerg

6. Certifications

6.1. Architecture

6.1.1. AA + 5 years working under an Architect

6.1.2. 7 years working under an Architect

6.1.3. BArch NCARB + 3 years

6.2. Green

6.2.1. Water

6.2.2. LEED

6.2.3. ESG

6.2.4. USGBC LA

6.3. Engineering

6.4. Technical

6.4.1. Autodesk