Computer Careers and Certification

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Computer Careers and Certification by Mind Map: Computer Careers and Certification

1. Careers in the Computer Industry

1.1. A demand for computer professionals continues to grow

2. Certification

2.1. Enhance employees careers

2.2. Increase professional standing

2.3. Increase employee salaries

3. A Guide to Certification

3.1. Operating System Certifications

3.2. Application Software Certifications

3.3. Programmer/Developer Certifications

3.4. Hardware Certifications

3.5. Networking Certifications

3.6. Digital Forensics Certifications

3.7. Security Certifications

3.8. Internet Certifications

3.9. Database System Certifications

4. Careers in the Computer Industry

4.1. Management

4.2. System development and programming

4.3. Technical services

4.4. Operations

4.5. Training

4.6. Security

5. Preparing for a Career in the Computer Industry

5.1. Programming

5.2. Hardware maintenance

5.3. Website design and development

5.4. Networking

5.5. Graphics design

5.6. Security

6. Summary

6.1. Strong demand for computer and IT professionals

6.2. Variety of available computerrelated careers

6.3. Computer education at trade schools, computer‐related majors at colleges and universities, job searches, career development planning, professional organizations, and professional growth

6.4. Certification preparation, examinations, and resources

6.5. Specific certifications