Four Purposes of Life by Dan Millman

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Four Purposes of Life by Dan Millman by Mind Map: Four Purposes of Life by Dan Millman

1. Second Purpose: Find your career and calling: Choose Satisfying work, earn a good living, provide a useful services

1.1. Career: services you perform, trading your time, effort, attention, knowledge, skills and experience for salary or income.

1.2. Calling refers to a personal interest, attraction, inclination, drive or passion that is usually (although not always) of a higher order

1.2.1. Isn't just something you want to do, but rather something you need to do, somthing that captures your imagination, touches you deeply and absorbs you, whether or not you can explain why may or may not be a career

1.2.2. Can take the form of an art, craft or creative endeavour such as writing, painting or playing a musical instrument. Volunteer service, teaching, working with children,

1.2.3. Make a difference in community or larger world, politics, military, environmental

1.2.4. often associated with serving others

1.3. If you love your career so much you would do it for free, then it has become a calling

1.4. Know Thyself - self awareness/knowledge informs all our choices and decisions

1.4.1. We strive to understand ourselves

1.5. There is no best career, only the one best for you at a given time in life

1.5.1. Until you choose a satisfying vocation, just get a job stay open to new opportunities

1.6. Talents, Interests and Values

1.6.1. Where career and calling intersect

1.6.2. What are my talents? Never assume limits until you have tested them

1.6.3. What are my interests? Look out for social pressures or parental expectations Do what you love then get someone to pay you for it

1.6.4. What are my values? location, relationship or career

1.7. Career criteria: trinity of needs

1.7.1. Do I find the work satisfying? Satisfying work Fulfilment lies not in the work itself but in the quality and care you bring to it

1.7.2. Can I make money? fair remuneration Its easy to devalue work if we provide a less-creative service like doing data entry. Such works connects us to others and helps our world function

1.7.3. Does it provide a useful service?

1.8. Time travel with conscious mind

1.8.1. 6 step decision making process

1.9. Decide to decide

1.9.1. act with full force of your being remain committed unless have compelling reason to change Faith is the courage to live as if everything that happens, and every choice we make, is for our highest good and learning.

1.10. Career Notes

1.10.1. Committing to excellence Always aim to be excellent, no matter what the job

1.10.2. Self-employed Be good at what you do Be good at promoting what you do

1.10.3. Leadership qualities Inspire by example offer support where needed motivate by pointing out a higher purpose Appreciate the value of mistakes encourage collaboration rather than competition empoower others

1.11. Your work- the service you provide, no matter how humble it may be - connects you to the larger community. Never take you or your work for granted.

1.11.1. Stand up for yourself. Lead by example. Practice the quiet courage of everyday life.

2. Additional Reading

2.1. No Ordinary Moments

2.2. Everyday Enlightenment

2.2.1. Course catalog

2.3. Laws of Spirit

2.4. Life you were born to live

2.5. Bridge between worlds

3. First Purpose: Learning Life's Lessons: Smarten Up, Grow Up, Wake Up: Required Courses

3.1. 1. Foundations of Self-Worth: Getting Out of Your Own Way

3.2. 2. Roots of Will: The practice of self-discipline

3.2.1. Transforming knowledge into action

3.3. 3. Well-Being: Approaches to Health and Vitality

3.3.1. energising and healthful lifestyle

3.4. 4. Money and Values: Establishing stability and sufficiency

3.5. 5. Exploring the Mind: The Nature of Your Inner World

3.6. 6. Introduction to Intuition: Accessing subconscious Guidance

3.6.1. Discoveries come from flashes if intuitive insight

3.6.2. imagination is more important than knowledge

3.7. 7. Nature of Feelings: Achieving emotional freedom

3.7.1. We dont need to feel Compassionate etc, just need to behave that way

3.7.2. We have more control over our behaviour than our feelings

3.8. Fundamentals of Courage: Confronting our fear

3.9. 9. Knowing Yourself: finding wholeness in the shadows

3.9.1. Embrace our humanity and open to genuine growth and transformation

3.10. Your Sexual life: Understanding the pleasure principle

3.10.1. Awareness, trust, balance, openness, honesty and courage to achieve true intimacy

3.11. 11. mastery of Love: Awakening the Heart

3.11.1. Capacity to show loving-kindness to others even when we dont feel like it

3.12. 12. Service and Meaning: Completing the circle of life

3.12.1. For others and act of self-transcendance - anything we do without regard to self-interest

4. Third Purpose: Discovering your life path - understand your hidden calling - Follow your higher potential

4.1. Life purpose system

4.1.1. 1. Creativity

4.1.2. 2. Cooperation

4.1.3. 3. Expression

4.1.4. 4. Stability

4.1.5. 5. Freedom

4.1.6. 6. Vision

4.1.7. 7. Trust

4.1.8. 8. Recognition

4.1.9. 9. Integrity

4.2. Insight isnt enough. At best it provides a map, but we still have to make the journey.

5. Fourth Purpose: Attending to the arising moment - pay close attention, make each moment count

5.1. Life is a series of moments

5.1.1. "One moment can change a day, one day can change a life, one life can change the world"

5.2. No such thing as a future decision

5.2.1. observe what you do

5.2.2. All you have to decide is what you will do right now

5.2.3. You only need to make a decision in the moment you need to make it

5.2.4. Decisions get clearer the closer you are to having to make them

5.3. Whereever we go is now

5.4. Challenge of attending to the present moment

5.4.1. Can you learn to love the present moment?

5.4.2. Can you develop the capacity to show each arising moment the same attention you might give a friend or a lover?

5.5. Highest practice of all

5.5.1. practice everything in every moment How can I do this better

5.5.2. Difference between doing and practice is striving to refine or improve whatever you are doing, regardless of the task

5.5.3. Your life becomes your art form

5.5.4. Here and now, breathe and relax. practice that in all that you do

5.5.5. What is my purpose in this arising moment?