Sun Earth & Light

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Sun Earth & Light by Mind Map: Sun Earth & Light

1. Earth

1.1. Orbits the sun

1.1.1. One year

1.1.2. A Satellite to the Sun

1.2. Revolves

1.2.1. One day

1.3. New Node

1.4. Seasons Video

2. Direct sunlight.

3. Moon

3.1. Phases

3.1.1. Video

3.2. Orbits the Eart

3.2.1. Satellite to earth

4. Sun

4.1. Center of our Galaxy

4.2. Closest, Biggest Star in our Galaxy

4.3. Allows life on our planet

4.3.1. Light feeds plants Animals Eat Plants Animals turn into Fossil Fuels

4.3.2. Heats the Earth

4.3.3. Energy Solar Panels Windmills

4.4. Rises in the East, Sets in the West (times of the day)

4.4.1. Temperature Shadows Different lengths and directions Shade is cooler

4.5. Moves in our sky

4.6. 90,000,000 times the size of earth