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Competition between 2 serotypes by Mind Map: Competition between 2
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Competition between 2 serotypes


Theoretical: Lipsitch 1997, 2000

being colonized

protects against other colonization, Bactericide secretion, Sampling difficuties...., 6B, colonized individuals have lower risk of being colonized

Double colonization

accelerates colonization clearage

reduces infectiousness


No serotype replacement possible

Zhang 2004  

immunity to 1 strain

partial immunity to colonization of another, 2008 - 2y - carriage, homologous protection = immunity to same, 6A, 14, Antibody-correlated, 23F, Antibody-correlated, 19A, 23 A, 6B, 15, 19F, heterologous protection, 23A against future 23F, 6B against future 6A, 6A against future 23F, 19F against future 6A, 2009 - 1y - carriage, heterologous protection, serotype-independent, vaccine-related serotypes, 6A, 9A,L,N, 18A,B,F, 19A(B,C), 23A,B

quicker clearage of second colonization

reduced force of infection