Legalizing Marijuana

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Legalizing Marijuana by Mind Map: Legalizing Marijuana

1. Prison

1.1. More room for violent criminals

1.2. Non-violent people won't be put in prison for growing plants.



1.3. Less cost to the system overall and more people outside prisons making money and paying taxes

2. Government

2.1. Can start putting health-risks on the packages

2.2. Government can make money off the taxes

2.3. Less regulation will be necessary around medicinal uses of marijuana

3. Hemp

3.1. If marijuana was legalized then regulation of hemp would become pointless (as it contains only the barest traces of THC).

3.1.1. Deregulation of hemp would help the market for it grow

3.2. Benefits

3.2.1. Sturdy plant: has little need for any weed management

3.2.2. Strong Fibre Clothing Rope Can be mixed with resins to make flexible and strong 'boards' These boards are strong enough to be used to make skateboard decks.

3.2.3. Hemp Seed Omega 3 and 9 balance High in protein Nutty flavor Lots of fibre in the shell